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Headlight Covers

Headlight Covers

Headlight Protectors add style and protection for valuable headlights using custom formed UV stabilised acrylic. Headlight guards will extend the life of headlights by protecting them from stones, road debris and general abrasion.  

  • Headlight guards are simple to fit with no drilling required.

  • Made in Taiwan ,Manufactured from High quality UV Stabalised Acrylic

  • Huge range, Old and New vehicles

  • Car, 4x4, ute, van and truck models

  • No minimum order quantity

  • Many models available in clear, dark tints, patterns and colours

All headlight covers are designed to protect your vehicles headlights.  All headlight guards are available in clear acrylic.  Some are available in tinted and other colours or patterned graphics (depending on make and model of vehicle).  All non-clear headlight covers are designed and sold for showroom and offroad use only.  These will need to be removed when your lights are in use.  Check with your local state or country regulations before using them on the road.