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Window deflector ,Rain Visor,Door Visors, Window Visor for Benz W124
Window deflector ,Rain Visor,Door Visors, Window Visor for Benz W124
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* Description : 
Model/Item No.:HIC- benz w124

Origin : Tainan,Taiwan


* Features : 
1. When the car windowpanes are turned down, the air
current will influence the driver and passengers
directly, especially in rainy day. And the time when
you don't want to turn on the air conditioning, you only
need to turn down the window a little, and the
difference in temperature inside and outside the car
will lessen. The glass surface is not easy to haze in
the car.
2. For example, when smoking or having smelly food in the
car, you only need to open the car window two or three
centimeters, and then the peculiar smell will be sucked
out. The one thing that should be paid attention to is
the arc lead horn design is difficult to roll the water
droplet under the window in rainy days. The design with
dark color is to shield off the sunshine. But the
disadvantage is that the wind turns up relatively heavy
at a high speed while advancing, which is important to
be recognized before purchasing.